We help you build a safe, trust-based environment, where your people feel comfortable to speak up, be themselves, learn and take actions to contribute to the growth of their team and company.

In the context of fast changing environment and the significant need for accessible services in the area of people management, well-being, mental health and essential soft skills at work, ProActive Luxembourg is lking for long term collaboration

  • with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or teams located in Luxembourg and/or the Greater Region;
  • and remote with companies located anywhere in Europe.

(New Year) resolutions in times of pandemic?

“In order to be free (or feel free) and happy we need to learn compassion, perseverance, optimism, curiosity and of course courage." So, here are a few steps for setting resolutions that might be useful in any situation...
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Sustainable food habits: grow, harvest, cook, enjoy!

I finally found a bit of time this sunny Tuesday to write about sustainable food habits as a part of...
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Why I think nature is better than the internet in the new normal

We've talked a lot about health this year. No surprise, given the situation. But this trend of healthy living with...
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