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Clients don’t come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients (Richard Branson)

We help you build a safe, trust-based environment, where your people feel comfortable to speak up, be themselves, learn and take actions to contribute to the growth of their team and company.

In the context of fast changing environment and the significant need for accessible services in the area of people management, well-being, mental health and essential soft skills at work, ProActive Luxembourg is looking for long term collaboration

  • with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or teams located in Luxembourg and/or the Greater Region;
  • and remote with companies located anywhere in Europe.

The interventions can be under the form of one or more of the following:

  • Creating/developing/adapting the people management and wellbeing strategy of your company
  • Coaching: for managers, team leaders up to C level & teams or their team members;
  • Learning and development: interactive training programs and workshops
  • Outdoors group activities with techniques meant to lower stress, enhance immune system, boost creativity etc.
  • Consulting for (re)organisation of business, transition/transformation, people management, change management, development etc.
  • Psychological counselling/support in order to prevent and/or address poor health issues related to work or now in relation to Covid19 issues due to changes in the way of working.

The main goals of the interventions are in the area of developing efficient interpersonal/team communication, resilience, and performance by creating and adopting new strategies and ways of working that will adapt to the internal or external demands.

The principles of these interventions are cooperation, human individualised approach, putting employees first, creativity, sustainability and care of the environment.

What it means accessible services and long-term collaboration?

ProActive is willing to create long-term collaborations with SMEs/human size organisations based on a contractual system.

Long term means not a one-time intervention but regular interventions for 3/6/12 months.  Contractual means minimum hours of delivery for a monthly payment, prioritized availability and discounts for extra and/or specific subjects.

What would be the advantages for your company?

  • Have access to expert skills in the area of people management, coaching, training, mental health, essential skills etc for lower fees;
  • Work out a long term strategy ( for change, retention, sustainability, mental health) and have a stable external person(s) to put it into practice;
  • Reinforcing the support for your managers and collaborators and therefor increasing their performance and/or retention;
  • If you do not have dedicated personnel to deal with the subjects above, it is a form of external support, starting from your needs and creating a plan for a longer term;
  • Lower fees and better results than a one off intervention.

If you are interested, book here a free session to talk about your company!

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